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The mission at ClubReady is to provide our customers with everything needed to make your business more efficient and stronger. We realize that you might have some specialized needs or an integration with an existing system. That’s why we partner and integrate with other like-minded professionals in the fitness industry – to help our customers succeed. Check out the following leaders in their respective segments. Interested in becoming a partner? We’d love to hear from you!

Featured Partners

“We LOVE Factor4! We trust Factor4 with our clients! We know they will exceed our clients’ expectations. They deliver on time all the time. Thank you Factor4 for your excellent service.”

David Finete, President & CEO, FineTech Business Solutions

“With NPS as a leading indicator of member attrition, Listen360 enables us to address potential attrition issues before they arise.”

Mike Prince, Director of Finance, ROCKBOX Fitness

I have been using the system for a month and a week and have had about 25 new and past customers (that have not purchased in over three months) buy summer camps.”

Becka Shoener - Owner, Snapology of Lancaster and Reading

“We have gone from an average monthly income under $20k to now bringing in around $50k each month with our highest month just over $65k [with FitRev]! …”

DJ Myers

“I have been working with FFM for a number of years. I have had a fantastic experience and their customer service is superb! My studios have grown significantly over the past year! And I attribute this to their attention to detail and professionalism. Over the last few months I have been working with Natasha and thanks to her guidance all my studios have acquired over 50 clients. This month alone one of them has 65 new clients already! They are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about their clients and campaigns. I recommend them 100%.”

Mayra Rosner, Multi-unit Owner, Club Pilates, PA

SWIFT is from the fitness industry, so they know how to engage members. When they make collections calls, we’re getting past-due payments and getting former members back on draft at the same time. It’s not just revenue-building—it’s business building.”

Dave Dos Santos, CEO, Best Fitness

Perkville is a great platform: easy to integrate and easier to use.” 

I think a lot of times people are super passive about getting reviews. It’s kind of like sales, you have to ask for it. Getting the texts out right after class, that’s where we have seen the best engagement [with Eyerate].”

I am doing no other marketing but this. I opened my business and signed up clients from day one. Now after a year, I have over 100 five-star reviews, my business is overbooked, and my database is growing every day.”

Maria Radivojcevic - Owner, Brows Style

Members absolutely love the perks for rewards points they receive for checking in [with Perkville], buying drinks/supplements, completing intros and referring family and friends. Truly a member engagement piece and easy to manage and implement. Continued support is excellent as well.” 

“The level of service and attention I received from ClubBuzz has been next level. I am not versed in digital marketing, but they took the time to teach me along the way and now I have a constant flow of high-quality leads”

Club Pilates Owner

“What I really liked about working with Loud Rumor is that we have someone assigned to us, who got to know our culture, the types of scripts that work best for our brand. The biggest growth we’ve had hasn’t been from paid ads or anything we’ve done through marketing. It’s been referral asks and overcoming obstacles nad sales training for my managers and teams.”

Forrest Walden, Iron Tribe Fitness

“Bridgetek has been hugely helpful, and we’ve noticed a MASSIVE increase in leads coming into our studios. What sets them apart is their customer service and willingness to help us out anytime we reach out to them!”

Meg Hamilton, Pure Barre (San Diego)

“After trying several survey products over the years, I can certainly say Epifany is superior to other competitors in the market. We can create custom surveys targeted to our consumer segments, easily digest our data and respond in real time to customer complaints. We use Epifany to increase customer satisfaction, reduce membership churn and drive reviews on our Google review pages. We are live with Epifany in 17 locations and will use them in each new location we open.”

Justin Mascho, Senior Vice President, O2 Fitness

“Thank you for your great support! [Factor4] rocks & so grateful for our partnership!”

Kristi DePietro, Business Advocate, Beyond Inc.

“In a time when we needed it the most, ClubBuzz quickly turned around our ads and drove our lead generation to the highest numbers we had seen since our grand opening.”

YogaSix ClubBuzz Owner

The biggest thing for us is a having a uniformed inbox. It completely changed the way we look at member engagement. Trying to do the work in our CRM just wasn’t as effective for us, especially post-pandemic. We needed something more powerful. Loyalsnap is easy to use, we get better results, and our members enjoy having regular communication with us.  PLUS – I’ve spent less on Loyalsnap than I have on any of the other marketing initiatives I’ve launched in the past. It’s a win-win!

Eric Hagstrom, Owner, 3 Location CycleBar

“I have had the pleasure of working with Franchise Focused Marketing for the past year and a half and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their team is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also highly responsive and dedicated to achieving our goals. They have helped us to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that targets our specific franchisee audience and has led to a significant increase in memberships. Their understanding of the franchise industry and ability to think outside the box has been invaluable to our business. I highly recommend Franchise Focused Marketing to any franchise looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.”

Katie Witmer, Vice President of Business Development, Redline Athletics

“Netgym has become an essential platform for our studios. It has transformed the way we operate sub and permanent shift requests. It has updated the way we message and communicate with our team and provides accountability for our instructors. Their team has the best customer service we have ever experienced. They are readily available to help with any questions we may have. I cannot recommend Netgym more highly!”

Katie Alderson, Lead Instructor, Club Pilates Briargate, Dublin and Ivywild

After talking with my head coach, I said, ‘I don’t want to give up, are we in this together?’ After that, we joined Loud Rumor and in just 4 months we saw an additional $15k added to our monthly revenue! A couple of years ago if I saw these numbers on MindBody, my mind would be blown!”

Laurel Roach, Tri-fit Wellness

Perkville is easy to use for both sales associates and customers. It is a great way to implement a customer loyalty program that rewards customers for shopping. Customers can keep track of and redeem their own points but we can also redeem points while customers are in the store as well. This is satisfying for our customers and helpful to people that are not as tech-savvy.” 

I feel so fortunate and THANK ALL of you at Welld as we are only successful because of the partnership we have. Thanks to the Welld team, we are able to sustain our Chronic Disease programs.”

Cindy Lafond, Executive Director of Health Interventions, The Granite YMCA

We were skeptical at first that TrueLark could handle routine client issues with care, but we have been blown away with the support it has provided our team and how easy the implementation process has been. The freedom it provides our front desk team to be able to move around the studio without having to worry about phone calls is unmatched and we haven’t come across anything else like it that would suit our needs.”

Tanner Bazemore, Owner, Y2 Yoga

“We have been working with FFM for approximately 18 months, beginning with our Pre-sale, through our opening, and continuing in our 7th month. Our specialist, Todd has worked very closely with us, adjusting the marketing strategy as needed and has come up with very effective solutions for us which brought in enough prospects to enable us to break our franchise record for opening our studio with the highest member count. Todd and FFM continue to keep our member count in the top tier of the whole franchise.”

Steve Grant, Owner, StretchLab Marlboro, NJ

“Our front desk enjoys calling the leads to personally invite them to a class. Our classes are fuller so our Pilates instructors are happier, and I’m happier. Business is good! I would highly recommend Bridgetek. They are dependable, always in communication, and they get results. As a business owner, that’s what I want to see.”

Jennifer Carlson, Club Pilates (Edgewater)

“The Return on investment has been outstanding for us. If you have the opportunity to work with FitRev it will absolutely change the game of your gym…”

Carissa Chappell

“After trying several survey products over the years, I can certainly say Epifany is superior to other competitors in the market. We can create custom surveys targeted to our consumer segments, easily digest our data and respond in real time to customer complaints. We use Epifany to increase customer satisfaction, reduce membership churn and drive reviews on our Google review pages. We are live with Epifany in 17 locations and will use them in each new location we open.” Justin Mascho, Senior Vice President, O2 Fitness 

My experience with Epifany has been personalized every step of the way. The team took the time to learn about our business and our needs and used their expertise to help design custom surveys that are producing valuable and actionable feedback. The Epifany dashboard is user-friendly, and I love that we are able to receive feedback in a timely manner and respond in real time.”

Christy Percival, Director of Operations, Midtown Yoga

I was able to sell the promotion and earn double the income of what I pay Referrizer monthly. I can already see Referrizer being a vital part of my business in the near future to help me connect with my member base.”

Joe Ruiz - Owner, X-Fit Training

“Long time members that had never left a positive online review before, were now writing detailed testimonials and mentioning their favorite staff and instructors by name. The staff, who felt they were delivering 5-star service, were now officially recognized online [with Eyerate]The excitement and recognition energized the team and reinforced the expectation of high quality service.”

Steph Sklar-Mulcahy, Franchise Owner, CYCLEBAR Culver City and Santa Monica

Welld has been a game-changer in helping run our check-in programs with excellence. Welld allows us to make the most out of new revenue opportunities, easily onboard new members, and have peace of mind.”

Mike Lauer, COO/President, Eat the Frog Fitness

“Owners within my franchise system frequently ask for recommendations and opinions from one another on the difference between the various digital marketing firms available to us. I always recommend Justin from FFM because he is detail oriented, always in-tune with the latest market data and industry trends, and is very patient with me when I want to adjust copy or content. He is also an awesome human being! I love working with him. He is always well informed on my campaign and well prepared for our meetings. He makes me feel as if I am his only client.”

Lydia Maglathlin, Owner, YogaSix Lake Ridge

“Meilani has been a pleasure to work with from the start. She is helpful, diligent and has been amazing at representing our brand/business with her keen eye. Her dedication to supplying 5-star customer support has never come up short. We have received a healthy target lead flow at a low cost per lead while feeling supported and accurately represented.”

Keely Watson, Multi-unit Owner, Club Pilates, CA

“Revenue has gone up about 50% clients have gone up about 50% in 6 months [with FitRev]…”

Ahmed Alaina

“If you hire FitRev I can guarantee you you will not regret handing off your marketing to them, it is not just business changing, it’s life changing…”

Joel Merchant, Next Level Personal Training



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